Through The Years

Our second senior reflection this week comes from Joel Lugo. Here’s what he had to say about his time at Purdue University and with St. Tom’s!


“It’s hard to believe I am at the end of my fourth year here at Purdue. Where did the time go? I have been so busy with end of the year projects and finals I haven’t had time to just sit and reflect on my experiences here. It’s strange to look back at freshman year. That time so long ago feels almost dream like. Each year at Purdue offered its ups and downs but at the end of them I was always coming back for classes the next year. Now, after I graduate, there are no more classes next year. It’s a frightening thought.

One thing that has been constant my four years here was the presence of St. Tom’s. Ever since I first asked Father Patrick if I could partake in the spring break mission trip freshman year my connection with St. Tom’s has only grown. This first mission trip led to four others and involvement with St. Tom’s in many of the activities it puts on. The friends I have gained and the strengthening of my faith have helped me through rough times. I know the friendships are true and will stay with me as the years go on. Through the work performed on the mission trips I have seen the love and generosity of others and the love for God others have. These experiences have made me want to continue to help and serve those in need after college.

When I look back at college in the years to come I hope to have the same fond memories I have today. I hope to still be in contact with the friends I have spent many a Sunday Night Dinners with. Mainly, I hope I will continue my faith that has developed so much over these past four years. I thank Purdue and especially those I have met through St. Tom’s for a wonderful four years. I am surely going to miss it.”

– Joel Lugo, senior


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